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I use online bill pay to pay my Ohio DPL bill. Our electricity generation company was Direct Energy who called and solicited our business as soon as we moved last summer. We have never been late with a bill. But apparently even though I paid my last DPL bill there was a couple days lag time before it was actually considered paid. Within a week, I got a nasty letter from DE saying they... Read more

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I told them I was not interested and they continue to call every day at least 5-6 times a day. I'm taking care of my disabled parents & they still continue to harass us. Add comment

Direct Energy has been taking a monthly out of my bank account and I am not even a customer. I called them 6 months ago and they insisted I must have an account with them in order for this to happened. I could not resolve with the problem with their customer service they did not understand the problem Even my bank can't get through to them to try and get it fixed. What can I do? Read more

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My experience was horrible. I had a door to door person come up my door. Showed me the savings and told me that if j ever found a company for a lower price I could switch and there wouldn't be any cancelation fee or that I could call and they would match it. I called and after five minutes of the girl trying to find my account was told there was nothing she could do and they wouldn't change the... Read more

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Just had a rep come to my door who said he was making sure my rate didn't go up with BGE (he didn't make it seem like I had an option). I signed his tablet and he told me someone would call to verify the information. When they called they then told me their was a $99 cancellation fee for this "program". Didn't know it was a program definitely didn't tell me about a cancellation fee. Didn't finish... Read more

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They call at ALL HOURS.I answer the phone nicely, no one answers & then you hear a click. I have called back, leaving a message asking to PLEASE TAKE US OFF YOUR PHONE LIST. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. Yet they still keep calling. Next time i wi!! Be calling the BB, reporting you for harrasment. Also to the state attonery general. I will go to the local news medida if i have to. Add comment

I got sucked into combining my gas and electricity billing with Direct Energy through their "free" Nest thermostat promotion. I also signed up with their budgeted payment plan, to help even out the spikes in charges over winter. Everything seemed fine until Fall 2014, when I didn't receive a bill for October. The month's charges were added in with the following month's charges, so I just... Read more

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Direct Energy called my PA company at 4:45 one Friday evening and talked to one of our employees about how they could save us $600 per month. She gave them our existing utility account number, not realizing we had a "contract" already in place. We never got a contract, no one of authority from my company ok'd this verbally or in writing, and now they are suing us for breach of contract for over... Read more

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Yesterday there were 3- Direct Energy employee's who showed up at my door pressuring my Wife to sign papers saying that they were sent by Eversource to update my utility account and that nothing would change. "A typical Bait & Switch".when i walked in the door i find your 3- employee's in my front hall and my wife starting to sign documents. When my wife came back into the house she informed me... Read more

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Direct energy began contacting me about an account under my name that had an outstanding payment of above 300$. The big problem, I have never had an account with this energy company. They should not know my name or phone number or any other information about me, rather then fixing the problem they said without the account number I could not do anything and still owe money. they lied multiple... Read more

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