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I have a giant issue with the cost of water tank rentals and the cost of having to remove the tank with out having to pay an exuberant amount of money. I would pay to cancell the agreement but they want me to pay $800 for a tank that i have paid $720 already. These guys are crooks. I will have to advise others that rentals of tanks are not the way to go especially from DIRECT ENERGY.

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Horrible company!! Switched back to having NYSEG as our direct provider after having a $70 bill jump to $220. They overcharge and even after we switched the charges still appear on our bill. Never use this company they are a scam!!!!!!

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These people have come by several times in the past year & knocked on my door in spite of a no soliciting sign on the door. They INSIST they are NOT selling anything & just want a few minutes of my time. Yeah right. They are so pushy & almost demand to see your current electric bill & I told the last guy I get my bill via emails. Which means he would have to come in the house to see it. NO WAY! He also said I pre-qualified for some kind of... Read more

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We cancelled our power as we were no longer living up north. That was back on May 30th. We were supposed to get our deposit check shortly after all monies owed was deducted, sounds reasonable! However, it is now July 26th and still no check! We've gotten the run around! They said that they had to open a new work order in order to pay us! REALLY?!?! How about sending the check that goes with the original account, oh, sorry that makes too much... Read more

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I have electricty with another provider and they say I owe them money. They dont have me on any account, but set up an account for me. They call centre person did not know what was going on but said they will be sending me a bill, but would not say what for and for what amount. She also said I cannot cancel their services because they created an account in my name, without my permission. So they expect me to pay them electrical rates, for... Read more

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Tonight a Rep from this company came to my door with her clipboard covering her logo on her shirt, while she was on my doorstep, halfway in my door letting me know I am not in trouble for anything but that my bill needed to be checked because I didn't respond to a notice. She acted like she was some big fish and I told her, politely, that I would not be relinquishing any information to someone who turns up randomly at my door at 8:30pm at night.... Read more

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I had a representative come to my door tonight and said they were suppliers for our large utility company here in Michigan DTE which is Detroit Edison I called him out on it and told him they waited around till after 700 pm because DTE was closed they turned around and left.

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Direct Energy will not take any accountability for failure and neglect to contact a client whose gas service was switched by force and not choice. We received no notification that they would be taking over for gas meters in Millet. This company has no regard for client service or client retention. Tried talking to someone in their call centre who has little knowledge of the services the company provides other than repeating the same canned... Read more

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Toalty scamed and i belive they are working with national grid they robbed my for over a grand and then turned my service off.

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After 48 minutes on the phone with people who have a very poor command of the English language, went through the Customer Service person, the Supervisor and the Manager on Duty no one could answer a simple yes or no question. Did they receive my APW request sent in a month ago. I own the property jointly but my name is not on that particular account for some reason. I have all the documents, the bills, the account numbers. I was not asking... Read more

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