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I was a happy Energetic customer until I was switched to Direct Energy when they purchased the Energetic customer base. I was witched without my knowing and have been noticing my electric bill was high. Upon checking and looking at my bill closer I found I was paying twice as much as I was before. .1099 /kwh one of the highest in NYS. I am super pissed and blame the NYS government for letting this *** happen. It looks like this has been... Read more

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This company sucks! I was promised a savings and I ended up paying more than what I was paying with the illuminating company. And then I somehow got switched to another supplier and got charge $99 for a cancellation fee. Although honestly I don't remember ever canceling and switching. They were charging me 8.1 cents per kilowatt hour and now I'm paying 6.9 cents per kiloWatt hour. So although I didn't even switch I'm actually saving money. My... Read more

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I just had a representative from your company at my door. I told them 3-4 times that i was happy with my current supplier, yet they still persisted to see my bill. Teach your reps the meaning of the word NO... Add comment

I am surprised that a company like DIRECT ENERGY LLC can work and operate in a country like USA . They are scam artists and preying upon people and conning them. There should be some authority that a consumer could reach to expose them for fraud. Why is there is no one from the government taking action to stop them ?I have problems with them twice within a 15 month period and they have no answers to questions and just keep saying sorry. The... Read more

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I made the mistake of signing up with Direct Energy 3 years ago when 2 salesmen came to my door promising cheap energy. Then last year I hesitantly renewed my service for 3 years at .06 cents per kilowatt. That was a total lie. I signed up for the average billing service and Direct Energy's definition of "average" is very different from the rest of the universe. I have called in 4 times to be given the same BS about how they have 2 methods of... Read more

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For months Representatives of Direct Energy has come knocking on my house and my neighbors all hours of the day. If you don't answer the door the first time they will come in the evening and knock on your door. They have been getting aggressive with knocking on the door. Both Pounding a few times and excessively ringing the doorbell like it was an emergency or something. When you answer the door, they all seem to have the same objective to get a... Read more

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Two women, my own age, came to my door. They walked into my house without permission. They flashed me their Direct Energy badges and gave me their speech. I was under the impression that I was initialing, NOT signing, a document that stated I had talked to them and that I understood that they were not associated with my gas company. The next day I received an email stating that I had enrolled for a 12 month contract with Direct Energy. I am... Read more

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An old direct energy bill showed up on my husband's credit. My husband never authorized this account. We verified that the account is at an address my husband never lived at. I received a call today from the direct energy president saying he reviewed the tape and a woman authorized it. He gave the name and i told him we dont know her and the address my husband lived at back in 2011. The guy says we must file a fraud report with police. I... Read more

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Two direct energy representatives came to my door. I told them I was not interested. The male representative started arguing with me. I then strongly told him he had to leave. He informed me that even though he was standing on my front step he did not have to leave. I informed him I was calling the police and proceeded to do so. I also told him to stay away from the house across the street as the neighbor woman who is 85 years old gets very... Read more

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I'm located in MD, Direct Energy door to door sales person showed up at my house. James was his name, very detail oriented and professional he was. Explaining everything and answered all my questions that popped in my head. I haven't read good reviews about this direct energy but the Google nest thermostat he sold me works great and I'm extremely satisfied.I was a little apprehensive about going thru with but James showed me the video before I... Read more

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