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Direct Energy
Main address: 12 Greenway Plz Ste 600 77046-0813 Houston TX
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My bills were supposed to be lowered. No they have doubled. I need service cancelled imediately

  • 11 hours ago
  • Plumbing
  • Hot Water Tank Repair
  • 3

So, as a rental customer for their HW tank, I read that the company is committed to servicing the customer quickly and efficiently. It is less costly to rent, no parts and labour issues, immediate repairs. Great I think - my HW tank dies Friday around noon, my wife calls me at work I call Direct Energy. I am told the earliest appointment I can get for service is the following Thursday. I call... Read more

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  • Jul 18
  • Utility
  • Direct Energy Billing
  • 1

Just received a letter stating that I have to pay over $300 worth of 2 years unbilled rental charges because they have identified a "system error which delayed the rental water heater charges". I never rented a tank. The previous owner of the house never rented a tank, as this was part of the condition in purchasing the house. I really hope you check your information before sending this letter. ... Read more

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  • Jul 11
  • Utility
  • St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Lousy Service
  • 1
  • 7

Have had no hot water for 3 days,said they would come and repair but I had to be home from 6 to 11'came out and said yes your tank is leaking,no kidding,that was a given as that's why they were supposed to fix it.So a supervisor comes out the next morning and gives my wife a confirmation number,I wait 5 to 9 pm and still no repairs done,call Texas from Ontario(obviously they are not a Canadian... Read more

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  • Jul 09
  • Utility
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 28

Today I FINALLY got a hold of a manager in my district area. After months and months of dealing with the horrible service, which I found out, is out sourced to a company overseas, they finally transferred my call to where I lived. The manager not only listened to what I had to say but took the time to explain to me about how the banks works and why the error occured with our payments. We were... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • Utility
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Gas Services Fee
  • 23

We, too, had experienced such horrible service from Direct Energy. The reps didn't understand or spoke english and our rep not only hung up on us trying to explain our situation and how they confused and made errors on our account, Anne, the service rep refused to let me speak to a supervisor. Then when I finally had the supervisor on the phone, he too couldn't speak or understand english and... Read more

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  • Jul 07
  • Utility
  • Supervisor
  • 13

Worst customer service ever. None of the reps spoke english and my rep refused to let me speak to a supervisor once the supervisor spoke to me he as well had an attitude. My issue did not get resolved and im very unhappy with the service. I hope my comment will be noticed so Direct Energy can resolve this issue from happening to another future customer, also I recommend consulting the staff on... Read more

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This is twice that they said that they didn't get my payment and I mailed a check. Direct is the only one that I have a problem with.

  • Jul 03
  • Utility
  • Markham, Ontario
  • Unsafe Driving
  • 12

The driver of the service vehicle #6493 decided to switch lanes without checking. He almost hit me as he swerved directly into my lane from the left, looking to take an immediate right turn. I was fortunate to have been able to slow down very quickly and was not hit by the vehicle directly behind me. By driving a company vehicle, higher standards need to be upheld. Direct Energy has a... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Utility
  • Grande Prairie, Alberta
  • Eletrical Service
  • 27

my job is fly home for 6days work for 15 I was out of town for 15 days for at least 3 sets of the 15 days all my other providers call or text or email billing direct will not do this apparently, bill to your mail box showed up one day now power , phoned them to find out wtf the said they gave notice ya notice under the door, life is not always concentrated on your billing , pathetic service... Read more

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