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The sales representative for Direct Energy was not honest who she represented for the Chicago area. She told my husband while I was at work that she works for ComED.

She indicated if we do not sign right now our fixed rate for the electricity since it expires 13 months that we will lose the ability to save money. The account is under my name and she wanted to see our rate and eventually our account number. She worked around by using my husband information and indicated to sign for the bill rate to be lower. It was not right to force someone to sign into something they do not understand when signing.

My husband didn't even read the contract and did not know what it was completely about. She gained our trust by using our neighbor's name but I thought it was strange that she wanted us to change our people's gas services. This gave me a second thought that she cant be with ComED. I recommend for this company to re-train all of the representatives to NOT LIE and tell future clients who they represent.

I will never purchase from this company due to their sales representative dishonesty.

All chicago folks, Direct Energy is legit and this was confirmed with talking to a ComED representative.


Shady door-to-door saleperson. Never give out your info including phone number, email address, social security number, so forth!

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