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I formerly used Direct Energy for my home electricity. I have a long story but I will keep it short.

In a nutshell: they will D/C your service without notice, send D/C notices (every now and then) BEFORE the actual bill, charge collection fees when they don't call you and their customer service is the rudest and biggest douchebags they could find to work for them. I am pretty much saying - stay away from them! They called us so much to where it got to the point my husband was cussing them out every time and making them hang up on him.

HA! Entertained me...

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Sam u shut up too. Everyone else can *** on here wtf can't i?


Jane. Shut up. Do u know or live w me?


Direct energy is good. Stop making excuses!

You dont pay long enough, you get disconnected by anyone... Stop with this pettiness

Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa #329399

I would just like to know how late you were on your bills or how many payments you missed before they disconnected you. You had also stated that they had sent you disconnect notices, so to me, they DID in fact give you notice (your quote "they will D/C your service without notice"). Also would like to know how late you were when they started calling you for payment.

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