People from Direct Energy come in and demand our bill. They say Com Ed sent them regarding the letter to save money on monthly bill.

They are very rude. They have no sense of professionalism at all. Why would I want to save money with them. I can't imagine the serive I would receive if that is the approach we received.

They would leave any information behind to review. They just demanded what they want and acted like we were *** to not sign up.

Anyone can have a badge and say they are somone they are not. VERY RUDE

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Houston, Texas, United States #1322116
Direct Energy Verified Representative

Good Morning! We are very sorry in the delayed response and to hear of your negative experience with Direct Energy.

We want the opportunity to look into your account to resolve your issue if it has yet to be addressed. Please email us at dedigitalcare@directenergy.com with your full name, account number, phone number, mailing/service address, and your issue needing to be addressed at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and have a wonderful day. -Rose


Please,Please do not sign up for Direct Energy! They will promise you the world andcharge you outrageous prices.They start out small and each month your bill will go up.Then once you realize whats going on they already got ya! Then when you inform to cancel, they hammer you again!


I signed up with them a month after they came to my door. I didn't believe that my rates with *** Ed would go up if I didn't sign up with them.

They jumped by almost double.

I signed with them, got my bill and it actually was lower. I'll wait to see if it stays this way.


they offer a fixed rate which they will tell you and that is what you will be charged per kilowatt hour i would say you will save 8 months out of the year when your suppliers rate will be high and then they will be a bit higher 3 months of the year in the long run you will still save because they give u a tax credit for the bill and then also *** some of the basic service charges that your supplier gives you


The direct energy electric price I signed up for is 20% below what comed was charging me. It's a legitimate program in which customers have the freedom to choose their energy supplier. I've been very happy so far.


Can someone tell me if they're actually going to save my company money? Or is this just another scam? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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