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When I moved into my new house the hot water tank was 16 years old and rented through Direct Energy. It leaked and damaged the finishes in my basement.

A serviceman came to the house to check the tank and said it would have to be replaced. He inspected the venting and said all was up to code. Four hours later the new crew arrived to replace the tank but told me the venting was not up to code and it would cost $600.00 to replace. I told them to get lost.

I had a contractor come and replace the tank and inspect the venting and as I suspected there were no issues with it. When Direct Energy was in my house I asked them to take their tank with them and they refused. Now Direct Energy wants me to either pay to have them pick it up or have me deliver it to their shop or they will continue to charge me a rental fee.

What is the matter with our government to allow these *** to continue to operate as a monopoly. Just google Direct Energy complaints and you will quickly realize that when their name comes up you should run away as fast as you can.

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