I moved and had paid my final direct energy in full and on time. That was over 8 months ago and after repested phone calls to direct energy and the collection agency I thought ot wad finally cleated up.

MNOPE Just got a second collecton agency letter when I Owe nothing,.nothing. Direct Energy takes no responsibility for theor collections process and does not keep update records and they have terrible communication or controll over these collections agencies they use.

I Aam contacting an attorney for the hours and hours I have waisted. WORST COMPANY I hv ever dealt with.

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Please call and ask to speak to a supervisor - as long as you did not switch to another company they will get that fee waived for you.


I recently moved into a house and decided to use Direct Energy as my electricity provider. Upon move-in I discovered the house was unlivable and was dismissed from my 2 year lease.

I contcted Direct Energy at explained my delima and was told "no problem...we'll terminate service ASAP"...I paid my last/only bill for the 2 weeks electricity was on and moved on. However, I was not told at any time that I would be charged a $300!! early termination fee!!

I never received any contract information or bill...just a nasty phone call a couple weeks after moving saying I was in default for the $300 and would be sent to collections if I didnt pay immediatly!! I am reporting the matter to the Texas Attorney General....is there anyone out there with a similar issue or advice/help??

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