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Direct energy has like they did with their customers and water heater contracts, now imposed new terms and conditions on their employees, putting them out on strike.

they are asking for 25% claw back in wages, and more shifts that will take them from their families, and forced overtime.

This company is turing in to a bully and trying to push everyone around. Labour laws are ignored and legal procedures are ignored. This company needs to be shown that we can not be pushed around as Canadians. go back to Britain if you want to be dictators.

The workers are on the picket line now and the company is using unskilled contractors to work on your gas equipment. do not let a contractor in your house. Ask to see their certificate that shows at least a bear minimum of a G2 Gasfitter 2 licence

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Houston, Texas, United States #1322118
Direct Energy Verified Representative

Good Morning! We are very sorry in the delayed response and to hear of your negative experience with Direct Energy.

We want the opportunity to look into your account to resolve your issue if it has yet to be addressed. Please email us at with your full name, account number, phone number, mailing/service address, and your issue needing to be addressed at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and have a wonderful day. -Rose

Madoc, Ontario, Canada #926028

I hope it is true that Direct Energy has lots of unhappy employees. They sure have lots of unhappy customers! If the employees start giving them trouble, maybe they will finally go out of business and people can stop being scammed by this terrible company.


the online link doesn't work, in fact, it doesn't seem like it's an actual 'link' for direct energy, as if its been hacked or tampered with. On top of that, the automated phone number for payments doesn't work, no supervisor on staff and my lights are off?

no sense of urgency on behalf of direct energy. seems like the bigger a company gets, the less they care about customers.


Of all the other hvac companies out there and I hate to think how many there are, you mean to say only D E people are qualified. Please, don't take people for *** because that's what it seems you are trying to convey.

I've had the opportunity to deal with both your company people and contractors. Unfortunately, the contractor gave me more clarification of my problem then your tech did. Sorry, but that's my experience. That was a few years ago, equipment still working fine.

Tech didn't really want to address the problem, just wanted to replace, I understand up-selling, but really!! Have referred the contractor to many others since that time.


Been at this for 20 years,part of having to start over was taking up this trade. Have a G-1, in good standing, have A/C ticket, sheet metal ticket, what else do you want to know.

Have had more experience than I care to think about. Have seen and done it all.

So, I do know what I'm talking about. Goes back to my original post, a wage loss never killed anybody.


Cmon guy , sucks that u lost a 75k yr job for whatever reason , how long you been at this trade and lic ?


I have a question for all those bashing the contractors, if I'm not mistaken, on Monday before the strike was called we were out there cleaning up messes left my DE techs, not a problem, we're used to it. Yet on Tuesday we are the *** of the earth. Can't quite fathom that one. Is your beef about the reduction in wages or the contractors. Please explain that one. It's either one issue or the other.

Contractors are there to pick up calls after 2 p.m. that union fellas won't do, and yes, we even stay out till late at night and imagine that, our own family life is being harmed, BUT, our guys know that coming in with us and they are of the mind that at least they have a job and it's keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. Some have taken up this job as a change of life career, yes making much less money, but like anyone else who has lost everything, you re-adjust. Personally, lost a 75K per year job, in my math, that equates to 100% loss, so the 25% thereabouts is not critical. Adjustments had to be made, found something at minimum wage and started over. Oh, by the way, wasn't a young person with all the time in the world to build a new career. This all happened after 40.

The world around us has changed, look around, listen to news of the world. Be thankful for what you have, some of which may be taken away, but remind yourself, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

If the powers that be have received bonuses and are able to afford fancy expensive homes, anyone commenting must just be jealous. It's no ones business. No one knows how anyone came into their ability to afford such a home. Umm ever think that someone sold, made a huge profit or perhaps an inheritance or any other possible explanation. I for one, say, who cares.

Just my humble opinion, but I am entitled to it



I believe all employees were very proud to be representing DE. Yes things were good.

We had a good life and were able to provide for our families. We want to go back to work for DE. Unfortunitly it seems like the members were forgotten when all these fanatic changes were being worked out.

We feel betrayed and we are all suffering. We are fighting for our rights!


Wow. If the company is soooo bad and sooo evil why don't you just quit?


what a place


To Anonymous:

We all know who you are, that you are the one ruining the company and for that and your continued arrogance you can go straight to ***.

You corporate ***. Get out of Canada.

pissed off DE employee

You sound like a manager I know. You really should think about what they are asking. In order for you too know that only part of the workers will get a 25% wage reduction that only confirms that you are management.

I know who you are. Nice try. You are dispicable and where. Ery happy to receive you 150% bonus. While you sit back and each the company try to bone us.

Enjoy you job and realize that if and when we get back to work you will have to gain the respect of the workers. Expect your next management survey to be very poor.

As for the rest of us on the picket line we are stron and ready for the fight. We will step up the pressure on this company and will hurt them as much as they hurt us. They should no better that to slap a sleeping dog


Maybe you would like to experience a not so experienced fitter in your home? Didn't think so ! Oh by the way your paying top dollar for them .


Let me see if I understand the situation. You are company employees who chose to go on strike and are trying to get people on your side by destroying the company image/reputation?

And you want the strike to end to have your jobs back?

Heck, it seems like you are more the issue than the solution. The company should have locked you out instead!


Making a mockery out of a skilled trade!!! Still under plumbers, electricians, drywall, carpenters , what do they want to do drive it down to retail rates.

Gas Fitters deal with the most volatile fuel in industry , there is no room for error .. the results too severe . Drywall off a little "oh well some more mud"Plumbing joint , ya a little property got wet.., gas , let's not even go there. Job stress ?...

just a little. So before you undermine what we do actually take into consideration what our work involves! Ya sorry I'll try to bring in more sales , once I'm done checking my work over for gas leaks,

carbon monoxide , code infractions on the property because "last man on the job" . Gas Fitters need proper representation and trade rates!

Unionize all under one umbrella. RESPECT Your Fitters .


I hope everyone is aware that Direct Energy is using contractors and sub contractors during the current strike. Make sure you confirm that they have a licence to work on your gas equipment..

Also be aware that this company is owned by a British company that is buying up electric and water utilities all over North America as well.

They are very ruthless and have shown a horrible lack of consideration for their employees and customers. Remember the name Centrica.


Residential sector is becoming a mess. So called Lennox,Carrier,Trane etc dealers selling "Best price boss" showing up in dress shoes and their family van.

Crash course Gas Fitter , have an ODP , a set of gauges and off you go...,b.s ! Gas Fitter recognized yet as a trade? I know when I wrote my refr I was amazed it wasn't on the board. We need to bring dignity back to this trade , it's crazy .

Any ideas out there? Don't paint everyone who is not a DE employee with the same brush, there are still proper tradesman out there.

U guys should have reached out to expand your numbers(members). Good luck guys!


although DE "suits" (high paid exec's, making a ridiculous salary and still getting a big bonus regardless of the fact that they want their hard working employees to take a substantial pay cut) are a bunch of jerks right now, you have to be careful about these other gas contractor companies, as they are posing as DE but are not...just to get your business by signing a contract...don't be fooled. DE HVAC techs are not to blame here.


It seems to me a certain British fellow has been busy writing tonight.

In the long winded,nonsense that is written against the employees, there seems to be one solution missing....Why is the corporate segment of DE not forgoing their obscene bonuses and lowering their inflated pay?

That is the real problem here. If anyone is overpaid, they are.

It is arrogance,such as displayed by the those orchestrating this mess, that is really the most offensive aspect of all .

The lesson to be learned when all is said and done, is if you keep trying to squeeze the front line workers, those who actually do the work,not sit in mindless meetings all day: the 99 per cent will one day rise up and push back.

We are fighting the good fight and we are right.

Anyone that is a part of the greed being displayed should worry about how karma will always get you...always.


Your curried goat is ready.instead of beating your wife?Read a manual?ha! Wow.

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