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I switched to Direct Energy 4 months ago, which was a huge mistake! Before making the transition, I compared the Kilowatt rate and charges among different Houston electricity companies.

Direct Energy made my top 3 choices. I called to make sure there were no extra charges and to confirm the rate and information that I saw online. The customer representative assured me that there would only be a 5.00 base charge for kWH over 1000. This was not a problem for me, but I asked once again, to make sure there were no additional charges.

She said yes. I called the two other companies and asked them the same questions, and Direct Energy appeared to be the best choice. WRONG! It has been four months now, and they have put all kinds of extra charges that I never saw with my previous company, up to $8.00!

In addition, they've upped my Kilowatt Price from .087 to .090! WHAT THE HECK? With my previous company, the highest my electricity bill would be is 60 bucks because I live in a small apartment. Now, my current bill is $93 in November, when I do not even use my air conditioner or heater?!

RIDICULOUS! Therefore, I decided to call and figure this out. The customer service number on the bill is always busy. You can never get a representative.

Therefore, I called the number to sign up for the electricity. I presented my question kindly, and they said I needed to talk to billing personal. They said they would transfer me, but they hung up on me twice!!! Finally, I called again, and someone did actually transfer me.

After waiting on the phone for 15 minutes, I finally got a billing representative. I asked him about the extra charges, and he could not explain to me what they were. He said that they are technically not "Direct Energy" but a billing service. Therefore, I was not even talking to a Direct Energy representative but a contract hired billing company?!?!

This was so frustrating. I then asked who could I talk to that could answer my questions. He then gave me the number that is on the bill, which does not connect you to anyone. It is busy day and night.

I've tried calling it at all hours. I looked up a number online that connects you directly to the electricity provider (Direct Energy), but there is no way to speak to a representative about your bill. It is all automated!!!!!!!! I can't even find out how much longer I'm stuck with this company!!!!

WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRENDOUS! I can't imagine if I had to move, and needed to contact a representative. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how pissed I am.



Review about: Direct Energy Electricity Supply.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1322066
Direct Energy Verified Representative

Good Morning! We are very sorry in the delayed response and to hear of your negative experience with Direct Energy.

We want the opportunity to look into your account to resolve your issue if it has yet to be addressed. Please email us at with your full name, account number, phone number, mailing/service address, and your issue needing to be addressed at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and have a wonderful day. -Rose

Dallas, Texas, United States #806260

I have been an TXU customer every since i moved out on my own at the age of 21.At present i am 64 years old.I would just like to state that their is no dam way that Direct Energy can be cheaper than TXU.I am so sure that the first year of service is moderate,But after that first year it is on like Donkey Cone.1st of all TXU own's all the lines that the other companies are using.So therefore i am so sure that TXU is getting their part of the cut for the use of their line's off the top.2nd I lve in a house and Not a section 8 house i own my own home ok.My home is not central ac/gas ok.But i run 3 a/c in the summer because my room's in my house are really large and In the winter i run 3 dearborn heaters right.In the summer i have never had a bill over $150.00 and In the winter i have never had a bill over $160.00.I never turn my a/c off once i turn it on in the summer and I never turn my heat off in the winter once i turn it on.So as far as Direct Energy being cheaper i don't think so.These Direct Energy people come to my house all the time trying to sell me on there *** that Direct Energy is cheaper.What i state to them is the same thing i just told you no f------ way.Your sh-- is only good for 1 year right.Hey,They tuck their tails and Get on like they have been sh---- on for real, Because they no i am aware of what they are doing.Your bill's are what you make them.Nothing more Nothing less believe that.Plus i recieve a 3% Cash Back Visa Card every Jan. from TXU.Do i have to say anything else,I rest my case.


Wow...really? Your comment is a personal attack?

This is the best you can do to try to void my experience with Direct Energy. You must be one of their representatives, since you actually took the time to register on this site and post your lame comment.

FYI, I'm not a Democrat, but a working professional with a Master's degree who happens to live in a luxury apartment. I'm also not an ***.


I dont live in section 8 and have paid bills from TXU for years. Direct energy is way cheaper and is providing good customer service

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