I am a resident of Manhattan and I had a very nice rep from Direct Energy coming to my door. Very polite and not pushy at all.

He explained everything very clearly. I didn't want to sign up on the spot so I asked him to come back in 20min so I could check the information online. I remember reading about Direct Energy on this website and was a little scared. But, sure enough, everything he said was right.

When he came back he again made sure I understood everything even though I did my own research. He made sure I knew who Direct Energy was in comparison to *** Ed (I had never heard of the deregulation), the importance of a fixed rate as opposed to the variable rate everyone is on, as the rates almost double during the summer months. What is also great is the fact that Direct Energy has no cancellation fees! So, even if I found out this was a scam, I just have to call the number that is on the contract...

Also, they only asked for my utility account number. after the rep called ConEdison to switch me to the fixed rate I received a call from a company making sure I was the person who just agreed to all this.

I thought this was very helpful and professional.

I read a lot of negative posts on this company and I just wished to share what my experience was with Direct Energy as I don't feel the posts on here are totally fair. However, I didn't see many posts about Manhattan so maybe their reps in Manhattan are trained more maybe because there must be a lot of competition and regulations here...

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