18 January 2011

My recent dealings with Direct Energy Services LLC http://www.directenergy.com Their parent company is Centrica http://www.centrica.com , which has British Gas, Centrica Energy, Direct Energy, Centrica Storage, and Dyno.

Last summer I signed up with Direct Energy to get a special that they were running: 10% off the dominion east ohio sco rate till the end of year, and then the monthly variable rate. Sounded good. Come January I received my gas bill. They had billed me at a outrageous rate. The puco chart shows their rate for the Direct Energy Monthly Variable Rate Plan is 5.96600 / mcf but they billed me 7.99 / mcf. The Standard Choice Offer (SCO) Rate of Dominion East Ohio is 5.4160.

I called Direct Energy and they said that the puco was wrong and the rate was 7.99 and refused to do anything about it. I called the puco and the puco said that they would ask Direct Energy why they did not charge me 5.9660. Direct Energy has 10 days to respond. This appears to be a big crooked company like back with the long-distance carriers were trying to bait and switch and rob us.

I called Dominion East Ohio and asked to get The Standard Choice Offer (SCO) Rate of the of 5.4160. They said I would have to cancel my Direct Energy account, and then when it was canceled I would have to call Dominion back and request the SCO. What a hassle! I called Direct Energy and canceled. Hopefully, I will be done with the crooks, but they both said it would take one or two billings for the change to go in effect.

If Direct Energy doesn't adjust my bill and future bills I plan also complain to The Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel http://www.pickocc.org/. Then I will write to the presidents of Direct Energy and Centrica. And go to any newspaper and TV or Radio station that will listen.

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Brian Hardwick


Direct Energy guy came to my front door and said there was a mistake on my Duke Energy bill and he wanted to see the bill so he could correct it. I sent him away and called Duke.

They said that guy was trying to sell me Direct Energy's services.

'nuff said... I filed a complaint with PUCO.


you can google anything, and find out anything...


i signed up, minutes later i thought of all the scams that go on everywhere, so i immediately called the number the pushy kid gave me, and cancelled, they seemed fine about everything, and gave me a cancellation number, whether this number is any good, im not sure. but after cancelling the sales kid came back and said it didnt go through, and he needed his info paper back, ok if someone wants your business, and is trying to sell you something, why would they take this great information back??? i jotted down everything pertaining to me and some legal garble while he waited outside, isnt that a little weird though? are they that worried about wasting paper? i told the kid i wrote on it, he said he still needed it back....said "i'll just trash it" he said.

just doesnt make sense.

im not saying they are a bad or good company, but i dont necessarily like my experience with them



That is interesting, I have never heard of anything like this from then(i've tried googling around for it). If your written statement has that rate on it, that is the rate they have to honor.

Otherwise the rate is what is on their agreement, not what someone said.

Over here its 1-2 billing cycles to change. There is no "trick".

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