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To make a REALLY LONG story short. We had lighting hit a large tree in the back yard on Mon 19th that caused half the tree to split and fall onto our power lines. It caused major power surges thru our house and burnt the wiring outside (we live in a older home).

So we had to call Oncor (who OWNS the meters and lines) and we were also told to report it to our electricty provider (DIRECT ENERGY), so we did as instructed. We had tree removed, had electrician come out and repair everything. The breaker box (which was inside the house in one of the bedroom closets) had to be put outside now, so all proper city permits were obtained. City inspector came out said it was great job called Oncor to put the meter back up (now they re-installed our old meter not the the new smart meter and turn power on. This was Friday the 23rd, so we had power all weekend. We paid Direct Energy fees, Oncor fees, City permits plus electrians.

I came home Monday afternoon to meet people coming to fix tvs, computer, appliances, etc....... to see we had NO POWER........ My animals were so hot, food in fridge and freezer were spoiling again. I thought there was possible an electrical shortage, possible fire, etc..... So calling my husband, electrician, etc...... I went outside to see if any breakers were off and non were off. The main breaker was on too, so I flipped that.......NOTHING!!! After 1/2 hour of running around I happen to go out again and look up to find our meter GONE!!! Called my husband cause thought someone stole it, so we called ONCOR....... they said (very rudely "call direct energy they are the ones that had your meter pulled and your power turned off") OMG, the meter is ONCORs not DE. They didnt leave a note, flip the main breaker so they wont hurt all the stuff in the house..........NOTHING!!!

So I call Direct Energy and the snotty little girl on the phone starts explaining to me that we called in to have them have Oncor turn our power off and remove our meter due to power outage. I told her that was for Monday 19th not that day Monday 26th......... She was flustered cause she knew they messed up then she said well there was an order put in and until you pay $238 we will not release you to have power..............

OMG!! I talked to her "supervisor" which couldnt answer my questions either or admit they were wrong. So they refused to do anything until I paid them their "ransom" $$$..... so I pulled my teenage son out of school to stay home with everything. I drove back to work paid they ransom $$$$ and printed a receipt for them.........

Well after being on the phone with them all Monday evening and ALL Tuesday (between my husband and myself we probably spent 10-14 hours on the phone and over a dozen supervisors). They kept telling us we had to have a $375 permit that we already had, to have electrian do things he already did and it continued with each person!!!

So they told us to call Oncor Wednesday morning they should have the work order by then. So we did and we called numerous times..........everytime was the same "you are on the technicians list and they will be out before midnight tonight". Well someone was home at all times and we waited until 1am, NO SHOW!!! Well Thursday morning we called 7 am......... we get one of the rudest employees and she tells us the day before the work order was processing and someone will be out by midnight on Thursday. We finally did get power that day then we were calling AC people, repair people, etc....... frantically trying to get them out.

We have been raked over the coals by DE, they just wouldnt amit they messed up and fix it. Nobody had the same story twice........

Then the next day I get an ebill from them for $1.99 balance on my account that needs to be paid immediatlly.............Are you kidding me??????

Stay away from Direct Energy they are crooks

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Good Morning! We are very sorry in the delayed response and to hear of your negative experience with Direct Energy.

We want the opportunity to look into your account to resolve your issue if it has yet to be addressed. Please email us at with your full name, account number, phone number, mailing/service address, and your issue needing to be addressed at your earliest convenience.

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