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I am Venkatesh. Me and my wife moved to PA from CT 1.3yrs ago.

After a month of moving, a sales man from Direct Energy came to our house when I wasnt even there at home. They said to my wife, like they spoke to my friends in next apartments. They just signed for this and you can also sign for this wonderful service, where you can pay very less (aprox $40 difference) from what you are paying. My wife initially said i am not at home please come back later.

But that sales guy didnt go and started talking about your friends from nearby apartments already signed for this and getting this advantage. please dont miss this opportunity. And finally they confused her to make her sign an agreement. And it seems they called a number and asked her to say 'OK' for everything the person in other side ask.

She is new to US and she didnt understand what exactly they spoke. After that sales man went, we received 2 NEST devices for adjusting temperature. I called them immediately and asked, we are not going to use this Direct energy. Please take it from us.

They said, it is just a service we are offering, since you accepted Direct energy. Its COMPLETELY FREE OF COST. Then after multiple calls I left arguing with those guys. After 1.2yrs we moved to some other Community due to project change, where they dont have PECO and Direct energy services.

Immediately in a month, we received a mail from collection department, such as i need to pay $400 for the 2 devices, since I broke the contract of 2 yrs. And i am getting continuous calls from these COLLECTION AGENCY, stating you need to pay $400 for 2 devices, since there is a 3yr agreement i signed and i disconnected in the middle. This is totally ridiculous and DIRECT ENERGY is MONEY MINDED SCAM. I see difference in communication between them.

Some stating 2 yrs agreement and in call, they are saying 3 yrs agreement.

I am definitely going to raise it to next level. This is the starting step.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Energy Account.

Reason of review: FRAUD and Money minded..

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1321267
Direct Energy Verified Representative

Hello! We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with Direct Energy and with one of our sales agents.

If this issue has yet to be resolved we would like the opportunity to review your account to determine we can assist you in any way. Please email us at with your full name, account number, phone number, mailing/service address on the account, and the issue you have with Direct Energy.

Thank you and have a wonderful day! -Rose

Seneca Falls, New York, United States #1297531

The same exact thing happened to me! I wasn't home and my husband signed us up and fell for their shpeel!!

I didn't even know until winter came and my bills were outrageously large, like $600.00 for one month. I called the gas and electric provider and was sure it had to be some kind of mistake. I asked them to cancel service with direct energy and they said I had to call them and cancel. I called direct energy and they refused to cancel service or if I had chose to cancel w them their would be a cancelation charge of like $300.00 dollars.

I told them I wasn't the one who signed up for service and the bill was on my name not my husband's name so how can that even be legal? So I guess they don't care who's signing of on their scam as long as they can lock you in to their contract and take your money.

I've called the better business bearu filed a complaint as well as speaking to some one from direct energy coorporate office and they don't give a rat's *** about anything you say all they want is your money. I hope they will be stopped and shut down forever...they are scandalous and crooks!!

to Laurie Johnson Houston, Texas, United States #1320805
Direct Energy Verified Representative

Hi Laurie, we would also like to review your account to see if we can assist in any way if your issue has yet to be resolved. Please email us at with you full name, account number, phone number, and mailing/service address.

Thank you and have a great day! -Rose

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