Savage, Maryland

I am enrolled in BGE Budget Billing. Direct Energy came knocking at my door to sell me what they said could make my bill lower. I had no idea they charge you on top on the BGE budget billing ultimately making my bill higher. :(

Upon reviewing my BGE bill I was charged....

- Budget Billing $91.00


- Direct Energy Svc LLC $53.67

- Direct Energy SVC LLC $44.47

Making my total bill $189.14 (O_O)

If I had not signed up for Direct Energy Svc LLC my bill would be $91.00. I think its safe to say I am un-enrolling myself from this very *** sneaky way to jack your bill up. Next time I won't be so nice to them when they try and solicit at my door again.

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They did the same to me. Do not trust these guys.

Houston, Texas, United States #1321002
Direct Energy Verified Representative

We apologize that we did not see your post until now. We appreciate feedback and are always willing to help with any issue that may need resolution.

We can be contacted at anytime! -Eden


Hi, would you recommend just budget billing to anyone? I just signed up for it.

It's just me, hubby and daughter at home, bge bill is sooooo expensive. Omggggg


They weren't Direct Energy employees. Most likely they were with an independent spin-off office of Smart Circle.

Google Smart Circle scam for shocking information on that company. Also, google Direct Energy scam.

I promise you, you will never deal with door to door peddlers again. Those people at your door make 100% commission, so they are inspired to say whatever necessary to get people to switch.

Annapolis, Maryland, United States #929421

How did you un-enroll?. Im in the same boat.

Actual bill 129.00.

Direct energy charges. 392.00??????..WTF

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