My average daily usage is between $1.25 and $1.75. Prepaid program.

I switched from TXU. I had a smart meter and my bill was around 140 a month. DE text me everyday and let me know how much I use each day. I got crazy...

I unplugged everything, then everyday I plugged something different in and got the daily cost on every appliance i have. Here is what I found out. My 10.99 walmart clock radio uses more energy that my fridge, more than my washer.... 2 loads, electricc dryer 2 loads in a day.

WOW and it said it was energy efficiant. So now I have it down as to what cost what. I am very happy with the resluts. Also they add NO fees on prepaid.

You save on all those micky mouse fees that are just profit for every utility company. I am more than happy to prove it to anyone out there.

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You can do the same thing with a amp probe and b reading the labels on the device, There is no way a wall clock uses more enegery than Stated, this Comment must have been written by the out source company that is running this Scam.. Get Real


I really love the service provided by the prepaid service too

Murino, Leningrad, Russian Federation #409682

I really love the service provided by the prepaid service too

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