Came to my door stating that they were from an "oversight company" called Direct Energy, that for some reason they "still had us in their system" (never was, not possible) and that they needed to review my current energy bill to determine the reason why I was getting overcharged for my energy use. I do not use them as my energy provider so no I am not going to share my bill with them.

I asked why my energy provider didn't tell me about their visit or any problems and he said because they are not from an oversight company but purchase and resell energy from the government. I said how would I know to believe you over them. He showed me a badge - I said anyone can make a badge. He replied - yes but not with this special ID # on it.

Then he said that they are registered with the BBB (looked it up, they are not, and are actually rated a D with many many complaints). He said I could research them on the internet. So I asked if they had any print literature that I could review on my own. He said no.

I said that I suggest you get some because people will want to review on their own for themselves. He said no they don't, that I am the only one. (really?! ha ha) During the whole conversation he kept talking over me and overtalking.

He told me they were going to call me and I said no they are not they do not have permission to call me. He said that they would come around again in a few months. I said no and am not interested in any further discussion and leave my porch.

Everything about their pitch was a scam, dishonest, disrespectful, unethical approach. Avoid at all costs!

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Houston, Texas, United States #1320930
Direct Energy Verified Representative

We apologize that we did not see your post until now. We appreciate feedback and are always willing to help with any issue that may need resolution.

We can be contacted at DEdigitalcare@directenergy.com anytime! -Eden

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1133482

people, please report them to the federal trade commision online


Last night around 6:00 pm 2 men knocked on my door from Direct Energy. First of all, I have a "no trespassing" sign by my drive.

I put it there because I'm sick of solicitors. They told me they were not "soliciting" so I listened to them. They explained people in my neighborhood were complaining about the gas recovery fee being so high. I asked them to tell me who in my neighborhood had complained and did they call Direct Energy to make the complaints.

They gave me a few names from my 3 street nieghborhood and said they weren't sure who they complained to but some how they got their names and addresses. They went on to say that since deregulation there is a variable gas recovery fee that should not be on my bill and that my gas company is charging variable rates and if I went with Direct Energy I would have fixed rates and the gas recovery fee would disappear. I told them to leave information and I would look into it but they said I had to make a decision then. So I agreed.

They took my name and DTE account number, phone number and immediately someone from their office called to verify and they left. I talked with the office and drilled them but they couldn't answer many of my questions, saying that they were there to just check my info. After hanging up none of it sat well except for the rock in my gut. I looked at the paperwork they left which I did not sign a single thing and the rate for CCF for gas was listed at 44.900 cents and my company charges .407 per CCF.

So I called Direct Energy and talked to Aaron and he said it was a misprint and it should say 0.449. This is still higher than my company and I asked how this could save me money. He said this is fixed while my company is variable and I will see higher amounts with my company in the future. He also went on to tell me about their appliance warranty program which after 30 days of being with them and within 6 months if I had issues with my furnace or air conditioner they would fix or replace it for free.

I'm wondering how can they do that without charging? I had a hard time sleeping last night with the rock in my gut. So today I did some research and found hundreds upon hundreds of complaints. After the initial sign up period people are experiencing double or triple energy bills.

The appliance warranty does cover cost but many times the new appliances don't work or they charge you in the long run. I called Direct Energy and told them I changed my mind and I don't want their services, to stop the transfer before it begins. They took my information and said they would make sure it is stopped. But I didn't take their word for it.

I called DTE and had them lock my account so another company cannot transfer me with or without my knowledge. I'll be sleeping well tonight and am very grateful I have learned to listen to my intuition.

Grandville, Michigan, United States #959148

They are a scam

Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #863404

This has now become a major problem in Connecticut with Direct Energy. They were already one of the most aggressive electric suppliers by constantly calling and e-mailing.

I was STUNNED when a young woman showed up at my front door to try and sell me their services! I had used Direct Energy in the past but their prices spiked and I left. Not only do you not want to be bothered by salespeople at home this young woman didn't seem to understand what I was saying. I politely explained I had another supplier and was under a 6 month agreement with them (which means no matter what she said, I CAN'T leave for months).

She didn't seem to understand that and as I ended the conversation said "Do you know what you are paying them per kilowatt hour?"

I am in marketing so I attempted the impossible. I smiled and said to her "If someone has a contract with another electric supplier like I do. They can't accept your offer without paying a fee for leaving early" she just smiled as if she didn't hear a thing. I added "and if you come to a home unannounced the LAST thing a resident is going to know is how much they happen to be paying per kilowatt hour for electricity off the top of their head.

They also are not going to eagerly run and get their electric bill to chat with you."

She persisted and I said "I'm sorry, this is a bad time. I must go" and closed the door. However, it shows Direct Energy is not only annoying the heck out of consumers with these home visits, they are not training their sales people on how changing electric suppliers works. They seem to just send them out as if they are selling girl scout cookies.

I never get door to door salespeople but have had TWO more visits in the last month from young people and I can see they are holding Direct Energy paperwork.

I simply don't answer the door. It's pointless and annoying.

to rjct27 Connecticut, United States #895092

You are *** ***, and they probably keep coming to your house cuz you look like you could use a discount with your broke ***. Oh and anybody who wants to save money will run to get their bill and not all companies have cancel fees so you should do your research before you start, because now you look dumb lol! That young woman probably makes triple what you make, these energy door knockers are making easily over 100k a year haha dumb ***.

to EnergyKING #895147

You sound highly uneducated, unlike poster rjct27, who actually sounds like he/she has some sense. You must be one these pathetic door to door peddlers, based on how upset you seem to be that someone spoke the truth about your lame "job".

I understand you are angry at the world and feel the need to lash out. I would feel the same as you, if I had to go door to door in all kinds of weather, for little to no pay. But your anger is no reason to lie and make the outlandish (and highly amusing) claim that door knockers make over 100K a year. No sweetie, they don't.

Most of them work for 60+ hours a week, for 100% commission only and make $50, if they are lucky. If you want to defend your lame "non-job", that's fine. Just don't lie about about it. It's bad enough you have the "job" you do, but don't make it worse for yourself by being a liar as well.

To everyone else: if one of these people knock on your door, run them off. And warn your neighbors. These people only get paid if you sign up on the spot. And they will say anything to get you to sign.

But don't just take my word for it!

Do your internet homework and search on Direct Energy scam. Very educating.


These people at your door are independent contractors of an independent office outsourced from a parent company. They work on 100% commission and are prepared to tell any lie to get a sale.

Either don't answer the door or call the police, as most do not have a solicitor's permit.

If they do catch you outside, tell them to leave your property immediately and never return. If they don't comply, they are now criminally trespassing and can be charged as such.


They just appeared at my door this evening with their hard sell! Wouldn't allow me to keep the contract and mail it in after doing some research.

They must pay these kids based on commission. I sent them on their way and found your reviews.

Thanks for your service! I'm just glad I'm not as gullible as they'd hoped.

to Anonymous #862019

They are indeed paid 100% commission. They are desperate people to make a sale.

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