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A young women came to my door and claimed that my town had signed a special deal with Com Ed my electric provider. She was wearing a Direct Energy shirt and told me Direct Energy supplies the power for Com Ed, which is a LIE.

She then told me I 'had' to bring a copy of both my electric bill and natural gas bill to 'confirm' my rates. I used to work with our Fraud Department and can sense a scam when it happens. I declined to provide any bills and she said she would be my agent and would be back. I also checked with my town and there is no special deal with Direct Energy.

I also called Com Ed and they said the same thing.

My advice to Direct Energy is; if your want to sign up new suckers...I mean customers DO NOT LIE. I don't do business with misleading scammers.

Reason of review: Misleading sales tactics.

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I work for a direct energy contractor. I'm sure their us pretenders out there, but we are not out to scam you or take your money.

We are out there trying to get the lowest rate we can We just launched a new rate starting April 2018. The rate is locked in for 11 months. If you run out of time on that rate, or a new lower rate comes out all you have to do is give us a call, cancel your current order with us and sign up for the new offer for the new lower rate. There is no cancelation fees.

Their is always going to be scammers and fakes out there trying to take your personal information, or trying to check the lowest rates so they can compete. It happens unfortunately... But I wake up and go to work knowing I'm saving people money on their electric bill every day, let's face it our electric rate is way too high. That's why direct energy is out their trying to save you money, and also not charging any cancellations.

All I can say is to make sure you read the T&C on the contract you are signing that you get in your email, text, or mail. Know what you are signing before you sign it. But that should be common sense and should be done signing anything. Don't just sign blindly.

If an agent asks to see your bill to check the rates just fold back your personal information or tear it off so they are not getting your name account number ext.... This will prevent the fakes for getting ur personal information. If you are not getting the lowest rate then of course will will need that information to sign you up. You still pay the same way (through your electric company such as Ameren) online or at the office just like you always done.

The only difference with us is it will say direct energy now under your supplier part of the info. And instead of having 3-7 charges in that section with us you only have one and it's one flat rate. From what I've seen with most of my customers is we are cutting that section of their bill in half!! Now we are not always the lowest rate so we can't guarantee we will be the lowest rate.

But we can guarantee if we see your bill and it's much higher than what we offer that we will save you money, sometimes just a couple dollars each month, sometimes twenty through the dollars each month. Be weary, but don't cut them off, because their is people like me who is out their who is genuine trying to save you money at no cost to you.

I hope this helps. Have a blessed day.


Yep, these Direct Energy door to door guys are a scam. They want to see your bills, get your personal info, etc. Don't give anything to them and turn them away.


Good catch.

Direct Energy Verified Representative

Good Morning. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your family.

We would like to investigate this further for you. Could you please email us at dedigitalcare@directenergy.com with any of the following information? Agent Name, date the Agent visited your residence, brief description of your specific concerns with any important details and your full address. With this information we will forward it to the appropriate department to investigate the sales practices of the agent.

We can also add you to our Do Not Knock list as well. Thank you, - Jane

to DirectEnergyHelp #1385712

Would you like this information from anyone that has experienced this same scam? I just had it happen to me yesterday!


She was nothing more than a 1099 contractor, working on 100% commission. They are desperate for sales because they don't make an hourly wage.

You were correct in turning her away. If she or someone else comes back, ask for their solicitor's permit.

They won't have one. You can call the police and have them ran off.

to Anonymous #1384519

Na bro i used to do work like that and we had permits and a book on how to get around the law close calls but worried everytime

First parts true tho thats not a real job turn them down

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