our water heater broke, the guy from DE showed up and told that somebody will come to replace it, couple of guys showed later, never replaced heater, left without saying a word, we were left without hot water, we called and called customer service, got transferred from agent to supervisor and vice versa, finally we were promised that somebody will come (after 3 days without hot water), the customer service is ridiculous, nobody know anything, they transfer you from agent to agent, then they place you on hold and you wait hours...wasted whole saturday trying to resolve the issue,

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Houston, Texas, United States #1320998
Direct Energy Verified Representative

We apologize that we did not see your post until now. We appreciate feedback and are always willing to help with any issue that may need resolution.

We can be contacted at DEdigitalcare@directenergy.com anytime! -Eden


I had exactly same issue.

Their service is incredibly poor.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #830411

why not buy your own and have it installed by a certified contractor?

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