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This company has been calling my phone 2 to 3 times a day for the past several weeks. I have asked them to remove my number and they continue to call me.

They gave me a 1800 number to call to have my number removed and it was the national do not call list which is not overall connected with that company. this tells me that they are telemarking and soliciting my number out. I have asked to speak with supervisors and they tell me that its a process to have my number removed. I explained that my phone is a used for crisis calls and that it can not be tied up with telemarking or solicitation but they tell me it will take up to 10 business days to remove my number.

That was over two weeks ago; when I asked them to double check it they have a date listed that is only three days from today. Meaning they never removed it the initial 14 days I had requested them to. I have decided that every time they call me I am calling them to waste their time like they have wasted mine and to frustrate them as they have me. The best part overall about this is that THEY DONT EVEN SERVICE MY AREA.

So they are calling me for nothing, tieing up an important phone used for work and crisis calls, and wasting everyone time involved. I have contacted the BBB.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Energy Electricity Supply.

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They keep calling our landline and we don't answer it. Our answering machine picks up and a female voice says hello hello can I speak to and they say my name. I am so sick an tired of them calling now I hang up on them.


They keep on calling me. But when I picked up, no one on the other line.

I have turned them down before and go with a different company. I do not if if this is their revenge.


They are doing the same to us !! Called four to five times a day for months , after we already told them no and still keep calling- told them to take us off the list and they called two times within a half hour of telling them !! Ridiculous


Harassment is not legal. Get a class action suit going. It's like stalking.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1352880

Ridiculous. What a terrible company.

I have asked to be removed from this list many times. What does it take to be left alone?

Houston, Texas, United States #1320699
Direct Energy Verified Representative

We appreciate feedback and are always willing to help with any issue that may need resolution. We can be contacted at DEdigitalcare@directenergy.com anytime! -Eden

Kittanning, Pennsylvania, United States #1300605

Same here and still nothing has been done to stop them from call

Newark, Delaware, United States #1250563

You bastards Direct Energy!


File a private suit against them. Save all the calls and call a consumer protection attorney. I did this and they have to pay 1500 per call if you had told them to stop.

to Anonymous #1567755

Good advice. Thank you. They are a real pain.


I'm a customer with them but for 2 months straight they call me 3 times a day. I now yell at them they keep calling I Said you can't sell me something I already have.

I'd rather pay higher prices than Stay with them.

They called me tonight 9pm. Are you kidding stop calling me.

Lancaster, Ohio, United States #1026902

They have harassed me for the past two years and they just called me again a few minutes ago I've told them to take me off the call list I've told them to stop calling and they still call I don't know what else to do

Wilmington, Ohio, United States #904153

I've had the same problem with them calling my home phone and my cell phone every single day. I've asked them politely to stop calling and have also asked them not so politely...the calls continue.

I've tried calling them back to talk to a supervisor and spend over 30 minutes on hold, never speaking to anyone. How do we stop them?


Direct energy is directly harassing me on purpose. At first they would call and I would tell them I do not have their service in my area in Illinois. So I couldn't get it if I wanted it, which I don't want it anyway.

Then they go to calling and hanging up before the 3rd ring when my machine picks up, cuz I just stopped answering it.

So then when they call , I would pick up the phone and just hang up on them.

NOW they call and listen in to me after I say hello, like a STALKER would, and hang up on me.

I say enough is enough and from now on , I'm documenting any more calls from them for a law suit if they do not stop the obvious harassment . Some one needs fired at this company for allowing their workers to knowingly stalk and harass people they call. This is criminal stalking harassment via phone,it's NOT LEGAL.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #617104

They came to my house, I told him no thank you. I left for work, and the man came back.

My Mother who is 86 and just had a pace maker answers the door. She told him no. They next day I was going to work and seen the same guy. I told him not to go to my house, and why would he go back when I told him no.

He said I told him the Light was not in my name, and he would go any time he wanted. I told him, I told my Mother to call the police if he came back. He took off up the street.

He was a rude man, and I wish I would have got his name so I could report him. DO NOT COME BACK TO MY HOUSE OR i WILL CALL THE POLICE.

omfg they have called my house numerous times every day for months now! i always say to stop calling but yet they continue!

i would block their number but its no use since they call from multiple numbers :( how do i get them to stop? omg

Report them to the BBB ()Better Bussiness Bearue

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