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I keep getting sales people for Direct Energy coming to my door every few weeks saying they are from our gas company which is Consumers Energy and they want to see our bill once they get it they switch it over without people knowing, I have asked them to stop coming but they continue to show up over and over, I can't believe this is a legal practice to scam people into using their service, I have called Consumers Energy and they said there is nothing they can do I wonder how many senior citizens they have scammed without them knowing until the bill comes in the mail

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I do not and will NEVER have an account with them. I don't ever want them to step onto my property ever again!!!

If I file a cease and desist letter would that work? They are rude, shady, irresponsible, and prey on the elderly especially, as they make them feel like they are going to save them from high bills, yet don't tell them it's only for a short time, then they raise the prices!!!


Houston, Texas, United States #1322113
Direct Energy Verified Representative

Good Morning! We are very sorry in the delayed response and to hear of your negative experience with Direct Energy.

We want the opportunity to look into your account to resolve your issue if it has yet to be addressed. Please email us at with your full name, account number, phone number, mailing/service address, and your issue needing to be addressed at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and have a wonderful day. -Rose


I called the number on the website to get DE to take me off their call list. The person who answered was there to sign me up and she couldn't help me and after a lot of griping she connected me to customer service.

The person couldn't connect me to the sales department and I accused DE of being a fly-by-night operation if she couldn't connect me directly and she hung up on me. I'll never do business with them!


Since my post they have not returned but I do expect them soon as it has been almost a month, when this first started a year ago my bull mastif was an 8 week old pup since then he has grown up, last month when they came to door he started barking and they bolted off my porch let's see if they come back


They cannot take you away from Consumers just lower your rate as far as i know i'm still waiting on the bill but thats what is got from the paper they left behind.


Im not sure it's really a scam. They kept coming to my door and when I reviewed the offer it was fixing my price lower than Consumers is currently

Maybe it's not like that all the time but my experience actually helped a lot. They also made me do a recorded phone call to make sure I understood what it was I was agreeing to.


I assume you are in Michigan. I have had them come to my door also, but I never, ever let strangers inside the home no matter what they want.

Your best bet is to make sure you are still with Consumers and then check the bill each month. Also, don't let anyone in again.

You are on their "easy mark" list. These people get a commission for each home they "sign up."

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