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Called company who could care less about the flood, could only book me in for service 1pm -5pm the next day, apparently everyone was flooding...go figure. Had no choice but to book these times for service (what are you supposed to do????).

Told client services person I was less than happy with this service and that I'd be looking elsewhere for a provider. Called back the next day to confirm the service time only to find that the client services person didn't even bother to book me a service time!!! Had to rebook for 5pm - 9pm.

What kind of lousy service is this when your basement is flooding due to faulty equipment from this company???? This person should be fired.

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Why did you not shut off your main water valve?Your tank is probably broke and you will need a new water heater.They are the easiest thing to install you can look on you tube to see how.If I can do it as a small woman with 1 person to help I am sure you can do it.Otherwise you can end up paying thousands for something that you yourself can do for about 300 dollars.

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