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DO NOT USE DIRECT ENERGY!!! On a Friday, my rented water heater was replaced, but the contractor did not finish the venting.

A hole where the new venting comes through was left exposed. If not for fiber glass that I personally had on hand, the installer was going to leave it exposed to the outside elements. He also did not leave a manual for the heater, he left filthy rags and garbage behind, and a broken saw blade in my grass (thank godness we noticed it before mowing season), except to say that he would be back tomorrow, and that no one had to be home. (I was home anyway, because I had questions.) Even with the fiber glass, cold air is coming through the hole into my home.

The installer did not return the next day to finish the job. I was then told that he would be finish the job the following Monday between 8am & 12pm. No one showed. I was then informed to continue waiting for the rest of the day - no one showed.

I have lost wages, been on hold for a total of 2hours and 36 min, I have been transfered from person to person, and spoken to 8 people in total over the last 3 days. Although the people in the customer service are appologetic, there is nothing they can do to get an installer back to your house. I spoke to the dispatcher who revealed that they previously knew about the unfinished job, but still, somehow can't get anyone to get over to my house to FINISH the job. He explained that "they don't have the materials" - how does a company that installs water heaters on a daily basis, not have the correct materials?

If this was true, how were they doing other installs during this time? Why did they schedule the install before having these "materials"? Apparently a hole in someone's wall exposed to outside elements is not a priority to them, even though my installation was first, before others.

Hopefully someone shows up tomorrow, but this has been a VERY frustrating and disappointing experience. DO NOT USE DIRECT ENERGY!!!

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Direct Energy Verified Representative

Good Morning! We are very sorry in the delayed response and to hear of your negative experience with Direct Energy.

We want the opportunity to look into your account to resolve your issue if it has yet to be addressed. Please email us at with your full name, account number, phone number, mailing/service address, and your issue needing to be addressed at your earliest convenience.

Thank you and have a wonderful day. -Rose

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